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Bowen River Utilities


What is Bowen River Utilities building?

Bowen River Utilities, previously the Urannah Water Scheme, will provide much needed water security for North Queensland with a proposed 1.5 million ML dam to be built at Urannah, pipelines to Moranbah and Proserpine, an irrigation scheme for agricultural use and a pumped hydro-electric scheme which will lower the cost of electricity in North Queensland.

How will this project delivery water security?

The Urannah Dam will have a capacity of 1.5 million ML, which is almost 80% of the capacity of the Burdekin Falls Dam, taking up less than 20% of the land area. The dam will provide up to 150,000 ML of water per year

Why does North Queensland need the projects?

Bowen River Utilities will provide much needed water security for the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday regions and their growing populations.

During construction almost 1200 jobs will be created and more than 650 new jobs once the water scheme is fully operational.

At least 30 active projects and 71 new local projects which are currently in need of water will be become viable with the help of Bowen River Utilities.

Affordable water will become readily available to local industry and farmers will have access to the water they need to grow high-value crops.

How many jobs will be created?

During construction almost 1200 jobs will be created and more than 650 new jobs once the projects are fully operational.

Where are the Bowen River Utilities projects?

The project will be located in the Bowen Basin in North Queensland.

The dam and hydro-electric scheme will be situated 50km from Collinsville in a high rainfall area and two pipelines will deliver water to Proserpine and Moranbah.

Who supports the project?

The project proponent is the Bowen Collinsville Enterprise, a group of local business leaders and community advocated who are committed to economic growth in the region for the benefit of all North Queenslanders.

When will construction start?

In May 2019 the Federal Government announced $10 million to progress the project with the grant to fund a detailed business case and Environmental Impact Statement.

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