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Bowen Water Security is a Nationally Significant Priority

Each year, Infrastructure Australia compiles the Infrastructure Priority List which outlines Australia’s national infrastructure needs and provides a comprehensive investment roadmap for country.

On Friday, a record 44 new infrastructure proposals for our cities, regions and remote communities were added to the 2021 list with key themes of new energy sources, digital connectivity, international competitiveness and water security.

The Bowen River Utilities project team welcomes the inclusion of the Bowen Basin productive water supply in the Priority List and appreciates the extensive engagement with Infrastructure Australia over many months.

Infrastructure Australia’s Priority List recognises that the growth of agricultural and industrial productivity in and adjacent to the Bowen Basin is being limited by a constrained water supply. Central to unlocking the growth of the region is a secure water supply.

Bowen River Utilities is driving the nation-building Urannah Water Scheme which includes a 970,000 megalitre dam which will deliver an annual yield of 103,000 megalitres of high priority water.

Mr John Cotter, Managing Director of Bowen River Utilities, highlighted that Urannah Dam, along with a new pipeline to Moranbah to deliver reliable water to customers in the Bowen Basin and a pipeline corridor to Peter Faust would deliver the water infrastructure needs identified in the Priority List.

“Inclusion in the Priority List demonstrates that Infrastructure Australia has recognised that unlocking the current constrained water supply in the region could open up the opportunity for the North to grow, diversify and prosper.

“The projects being driven by the BRU team will deliver the necessary water security for the region while also future-proofing the water supply for surrounding areas.

“Co-located with the Urannah Dam will be the Bowen Renewable Energy Hub with a generation capacity of 1.4GW and eight hours of storage. This will deliver affordable and reliable energy for the North.

“Combine water security with access to affordable and reliable energy, and the opportunities for economic growth and prosperity are endless,” said Mr Cotter.

Last month, BRU submitted an application to the Queensland State Government for the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. The application is expected to be forwarded to the Federal Government for consideration.

More information on the Priority List can be found at

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