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Bowen River Utilities Welcomes Federal Funds

Bowen River Utilities (BRU) has today welcomed an announcement from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development that the Federal Government will contribute an additional $12.65 million towards the completion of business, environmental and feasibility studies for the Urannah Dam project.

CEO James Benjamin said we are committed to creating jobs, diversifying the local economy and delivering water security for North Queenslanders and this cash injection from the Federal Government will allow us to deliver our project even sooner.

“We have been overwhelmed with support from the local community and local business who just want us to get on with the job of building Urannah Dam”

“Our dedicated team are working around the clock to make this project come to life, but the reality is, with two levels of Government approvals, some 3000 thousand environment and project approvals and due diligence, the process takes a lot of time and millions of dollars.”

Chairman of the Bowen Collinsville Enterprise Paul McLaughlin welcomed the announcement as further recognition of just how important the Bowen, Collinsville and Greater Whitsunday Region is to the future of North Queensland and national economy.

“We’ve had public consultation underway for some time and the most common piece of feedback we get whether it’s in a pub at Mackay, walking down the street in Collinsville or on the beach at Bowen; it is, just get it built!”

“The local community have watched and waited for this project for generations under previous proponents but our commitment to them is that, this time, we will build Urannah.”

“Our project is a game changer for the country and for the region. It will transform the Greater Whitsunday Region for generations, allowing the next generation to have stable jobs in a diverse local economy, keeping families together.”

“We welcome the support, again, from George Christensen, Michelle Landry, Matt Canavan and the Federal Government more broadly. The next step is getting this project approved by the State Government.”

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